midsummer nights dream

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VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO DAMON AND NAOMI The wondrous World of Damon & Naomi ARNOLD BAX Symphony No 1 LPO Fredman LYRITA CHARLIE UNDERWOOD GLIDE BAND Birth of a Sound LP ROBERT IRVING Immortal Pas De Deux Cover art 1959 SALT Honour me Red vinyl 7" single POEMSOUNDS - A STRANGE LP JAZZ POETRY

Here at Beatnik Bay we are an independent music and book seller. We do our best to sell quality items at affordable prices. We try to stock all sorts of musical genres but with an emphasis on the following :-
  • CLASSIC and OBSCURE ROCK late 60s to present including Glam Rock
  • FOLK / FOLK-ROCK particularly small label folk / acid folk from 1960s to present
  • CLASSICAL from the Golden Age late 50s to early 70s
  • OFFBEAT and eccentric recordings of all types
  • COVER ART - from all eras - the visual side of record collecting
  • BOOKS & MAGAZINES - Music - Art - Illustration - Post war Fiction
We also feature some original Artwork.

We also BUY and are happy to consider Record Collections of all sorts and sizes - please email your contact details with an outline of any item(s)you might wish to sell.

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